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The Buhl Quick Response Unit was established in 1983 as a division of the Buhl Fire Department. We currently have 27 members covering 5 shifts and responding to requests for emergency assistance. There is a 5 member career staff and the remaining 22 are volunteers. Our volunteers truly make up the heart and soul of our organization! They include teachers, retired teachers, nurses, farmers, dairymen, contractor, an attorney, administrative assistants, managers, business owners and students. The Unit covers approximately 100 square City/District miles encompassing 9,000 residents. In 2013 the Buhl QRU responded to a total of 736 calls. We currently operate with 2 ambulances for the EMS division and the Fire Department has 11 additional units available.
Castelford QRU has a large area to cover.We receive only 50-100 calls per year. Some of those calls could be in the Three Creek-Murphy Hot Springs area, To Grassy Hills or Blue gulch.Castleford QRU covers south to the Nevada line, west to the Jarbidge canyon, and on the north and east we border Hagerman, Buhl and Filer QRUs. Castelford QRU has a 4x4 unit equipt with outdoor extracation gear. We are GPS trained and work closly with Air StLukes in many situations. We have 15 volunteer members with many different occupations. Castelford QRU is also available for all community events. Good people willing to serve their community.
The Hagerman QRU operated as an independant enity for over 30 years, in 2012 it was consolidated into the Hagerman Fire Protection District and is operating as an EMS division of the deptartment. This move was made to insure funding for continued operation, and to benifit from the well established management system the department provides. We currently have 8 certified EMS personell working in the EMS division, 5 of these are cross trained firefighters. All personell are voluteer other than our full time Chief. In the past two years we have taken on several new optional modules (new skills), these include IV, advanced airway, nitro, asprin, auto-inhalers, glucometry, glucgen, and epi draw. Our response area consists of 110 square miles in Gooding and Twin Falls Counties, we serve around 2000 full time residence and in the spring, summer, and fall months we can have up to 700 tourists a day in our response area.  We average around 200 EMS calls per year that include all types of medical and trauma calls, we also do EMS standby for our schools sporting events and larger community events. We currently operate out of two rescue type response vehicles and work very closely with the fire division to support them on structure and wildland fires and the fire division supports us on resuce calls such as extrication on motor vehicle crashes.
Filer QRU has approximately 14 active members and received over 500 calls for 2013. We cover approximately 3.5 miles east and west of Filer from Nevada state line to the Snake-River canyon. Our calls range from Medical to standby for Fire calls and all vehicle accidents. Steven Mullen Pres. & Steve Orsland acting Vice Pres. Contact can be at filerqru@filerfire.com. We strive for training and to provide basic life support to our community. Filer QRU also has a primary role to provide EMS coverage for the Twin Falls County Fair, as well as school events. All personnel are volunteer and provide there time with little to no compensation for their services.
SALMON TRACT RURAL FIRE P.D.Salmon tract is a group of 15 volunteer first responders operating in conjuntion with the fire department. Our coverage area ia south central Twin Falls county from the airport to the Nevada border. As first responders we are able to provide first aid to victims of accidents, crashes, burns, assist paramedics, ect.<br>
“West End Fire & Rescue has 16 active members. We responded to approximately 400 calls in 2009. We cover 250 square miles in Minidoka, Jerome and Blaine Counties. Our calls range from Structural Fires to Wild Land, Vehicle Extrication, and Medical calls. Contact can be at westend@pmt.org. We provide basic life support / nontransport service to our community. We have one full time person and the rest are some of the best compensated volunteer’s.”
Rupert QRU is made up of 15 licensed members out of the 25 volunteer firefighters for the City of Rupert. These QRU members range from first responders to advanced emt’s and are dedicated to serving the public’s medical needs. The firefighters from the QRU unit and rescue division of the Fire Department are trained to handle situations involving medical and trauma emergencies and all aspects of rescue from vehicle extrication to rope rescue in high angle or confined space areas. These dedicated individuals are committed to ongoing training to provide life saving measures to the citizens and visitors of the City of Rupert. Contact Rupert QRU at: roger.davis@rupert.id.us
Rock Creek QRU was established when Murtaugh/Hansen and Kimberly QRU were combined as a division of Rock Creek Fire in 2007. We cover 212 square miles which includes the cities of Kimberly, Hansen, and Murtaugh.We also cover calls at Magic Mountain Ski Resort as well as medical and trauma calls in the south hills. We have 5 career EMT's and 12 EMT volunteers. There are over 15,000 residents in our district and in 2013 Rock Creek QRU responded to approximately 578 calls. We have 3 first out units with 1 back up. We strive to be positive and provide good patient care even in the most difficult of situations. Contact for Rock Creek QRU is ems@rcfd.id.gov.
Bliss Quick Response is a new unit. &nbsp;We went thru a major reconstruction about 3 years ago where we had to start over from scratch. &nbsp;No certified personal and no license. &nbsp;With the help of our Mayor, a great instructor, and State we immerged strong and dedicated. &nbsp;Today we are ran completely thru the City of Bliss. &nbsp;Covering a massive amount of area in both Twin Falls County as well as Gooding County. &nbsp;We are licensed EMR with enough add on Modules to be almost Basic EMT level service. &nbsp;We have 5 licensed members and 2 more currently going thru classes. &nbsp;However we have several support personal that make it possible to handle about any scene that comes our way. &nbsp;Together with our support personal we have well over 70 years of combined ems experience. &nbsp;
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